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assam tea hills

Assam Tea Hills

The Assam region experiences monsoon systems. Assam regularly tallies rainfall over 10 inches per day during the monsoon season. The Assam region also experiences warmer temperatures which creates a hot and humid environment that is responsible for the malty nature of Assam teas.


The flavor profile for Assam Black Tea is a malty, rich-bodied tea with vibrant color that is brought on by the high amounts of tannins and polyphenols present in the tea leaves.


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This Indian tea features a brisk finish and a strong base that makes it easy to combine with an array of other ingredients for a unique flavor blend. Thanks to its malty flavor, Assam tea is most commonly used as the base for creating Masala Chai. 

Assam is traditionally consumed as a morning tea since its moderate caffeine content helps to awaken the senses and improve mental clarity.

Today, Assam black teas are beloved for their chocolatey and full-bodied flavors. Black tea doesn’t just taste good, it is packed with health benefits that include increased energy and better overall health.

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