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About Seventh Blends

We are a family of 5 nestled in the beautiful mountains of Colorado.

Our journey toward living a more natural lifestyle has been an amazing one.

Through the power of the Holy Spirit’s leading, we have been using Essential Oils in our daily lives for the past several years; we have also continued growing in the knowledge and understanding on how to use these wonderful gifts.
We believe in and are grateful to God for all the natural benefits of these Essential Oils which we use in all our products.

Very gratefully,

The Seventh Blends Family

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Praying is the most essential component of the production process here at Seventh Blends.
Through prayer we receive His leading and guidance and His blessing flows through the work of our hands. We bless every product and see these blessings manifest to those they were meant for. As time has passed, and we have received so many of the wonderful benefits from these creations, we have decided to start sharing them with the rest of you, so that you too may receive of these blessings.

Jesus is King!



"Genuinely the best and most versatile sauces I have ever cooked with!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND ALL of them for your arsenal!"

Eric Zander

Fast shipping and a great product! I ordered the Galaxy soap and loved the look so much! Definitely ordering again!

roberto diaz

Their Soap and Oils are really really good. Try it!!!!


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