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Colorado Hot Sauce

Smoked Pepper Sauce Product resized

Smoked Pepper Sauce

The sauce that started it all for us. Our special chili oil goes great on just about everything!

Fire Eater Chili Oil Sauce Final

Smoked Pepper Sauce - Fire Eater

The same great flavor as our popular Smoked Pepper Sauce, but with a little more heat!

Tuscan Scorpion Hot Sauce

Tuscan Scorpion Hot Sauce

Our use of sun dried tomatoes in this sauce brings about a special tanginess with a subtle sweetness!

Reaper Racha Hot Sauce Product

Reaper-Racha Hot Sauce

Stuffed with Carolina Reaper peppers, our Reaper-Racha hot sauce is a little tangy and a little sweet with a good kick at the end!

Garlic Serrano Hot Sauce Product

Garlic Serrano Hot Sauce

Great for an everyday table sauce, our Garlic Serrano hot sauce adds a lot of flavor to your dish with a subtle kick at the end!

Garlic Poblano Hot Sauce

Garlic Poblano Hot Sauce

Our Garlic Poblano hot sauce is a beautifully delightful sauce with all the flavor of our Garlic Serrano sauce, but without the extra heat.

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(Note: Smoked Pepper Sauce not included)

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Our Customers Love Our Hot Sauces

Genuinely the best and most versatile sauces I have ever cooked with!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND ALL of them for your arsenal!

Eric Zander

Seventh Blends makes this INSANE GOOD smoked pepper sauce. Olive oil infused with smoked peppers and I just can’t get enough of it!

Benjamin Kashou

Best hot sauce on the market! It’s an all around good sauce, perfect for cooking or spicing up any meal with a perfectly rounded smoky flavor.
By far the best hot sauce I’ve had in a long time!

Dan Jones

Our Smoked Pepper Sauce is now available on Amazon!

Recent Feature in Shoutout Colorado

Nidia Ruiz recently had the opportunity to sit down with a local publication and share a little bit of info about starting her and her husband’s business, Seventh Blends.

She also answers some insightful and fun questions and gives shoutouts to some of the people that have guided her and helped mold her to be who she is today and who Seventh Blends is today.

Nidia Ruiz with her hot sauces
Smoked pepper sauce with korean beef bowl
reaper-racha sauce with chicken and bread
smoked pepper sauce fire-eater with asian dish

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