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Terms, Conditions, and Return Policy

At, we want you to have a great experience while using our website. Feel free to browse our terms and conditions for our website and online store below:

Prices and Payments

For each online order on our website, you must pay:

1) The price for the ordered items as quoted by; and

2) The shipping and handling fee specified on the website at the time that your order is placed.

For product deliveries outside of the United States, you may be required to pay import custom duties or taxes upon receipt of goods. These custom duties or taxes vary from country to country. These charges are in addition to the prices of the product(s) and the shipping fees to cover freight. You are solely responsible for the import custom duties and taxes. We advise you to contact your local customs office for more information about any required import duties and taxes, if any.

We only accept payments using the methods stated in the Checkout section.

Our prices for our products are subject to change.

Prices (including shipping and handling) will be totaled at the time of order.

Credit/Debit Card Payments

Customers that place orders on our website and online store must be the age of 18 or above. If the customer is below the age of 18, permission from a parent or guardian must be sought. Once a submission of an order is made to our online store, it is recognized that parental permission has been given and cannot be held liable for any costs incurred.

Product Orders and Delivery

Once we have confirmed your order, all aspects of the delivery, currency and payment arrangements are finalized and typically cannot be altered or changed. We advise that you check your order details carefully prior to confirmation.

Postage is calculated based on the number of items ordered, the shipping destination, and packaging costs.

Depending on the contents and the size of your order, there might be a need to ship the order in multiple packages.

Please make sure that you have supplied us with the correct shipping address at Checkout. We will not be responsible for delivery of orders if the shipping address supplied is the incorrect address or if the address has been entered incorrectly.

If you have changed your address after placing your order, please contact us by using ourĀ contact page. Additional freight/shipping and other charges may apply for orders that are resent or altered in their delivery destination.

Non-Deliveries and Delays in Deliveries will not be liable for any delays in shipping due to:

  • A payment being refused by your bank or our payment gateway. These institutions are out of our control.
  • A change of address without prior written notice to If you have placed an order and have changed your address, please contact us by using ourĀ contact page.
  • The delay or failure of delivery is due to circumstances beyond our control or the control of our employees and sub-contractors.

Refunds and Returns

If you are not pleased with your product or if you discover any defect in the item(s) delivered to you, please let us know. We allow returns if you are not happy with the product or of any defective item(s) within 30 days of delivery for a replacement (if stock is available) or for a full refund.

You can expect your refund or new product(s) (if returned a previous product) within 30 days from the date that we receive the product(s) that you returned to us.

The buyer (you) is required to pay for shipping and to ship the product(s) to us that you want to return or want a refund for.

If you receive any item that you did not order, please contact us and let us know before you return the item.


We have the right to change or remove products and all other content on our website without notice. We also have the right to add products or any other content to our website without notice. We will not be held liable to you or any other third party for any changes, removals, or additions to our products or any other content on our website.

Use of Personal Information will comply with the terms stated in our privacy policy. For more information on how uses your personal information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Third-Party Rights

A person who is not a party to these terms and conditions shall have no right to enforce or rely upon any provision of them.

Product/Listing Variation

Each order place on and our online store is governed by the terms and conditions displayed on our website when you place your order online. We may change these terms and conditions at any time at our sole discretion. Please take time to read and understand these terms and conditions before you place your order.

We try to keep all of the images of the items displayed on our online store up to date. However, please note that the images and colors of the items may differ from the actual items. Also note that prices for all products are subject to change. Please read the description of each item carefully before finalizing your order.

Applicable Law

All purchases under this website and these terms and conditions are subject to the laws of the state of Colorado of the United States of America.